Saturday, April 7, 2012

religious advertising

It is probably a sign of my own wishy-washy character that I have a hidden bias against people who advertise themselves or others. (And here I sit writing a blog which could be equally accused of advertising myself.)

An example of this poorly-founded bias is my slight cringing when I see people wearing clothing with labels on the chest or ass or carrying hand bags with the maker's logo all over them. It's as if, without someone else's label to support them, these people might be less worthy, less elevated, less deserving of respect as people with their own personalities. "Chickenshit!" my querulous bias observes, although there is no solid evidence to prove that those adorned with labels are any less substantive than anyone else.

In England, the top gun Roman Catholic, Cardinal Keith O'Brien, is said to be planning to urge Christians to wear a cross around their necks ... "proudly." The sermon isn't to be delivered until tomorrow, Easter, but I doubt if any changes will be made, given the high probability that the sermon was leaked from the highest levels as a means of expanding its impact.

As in any endeavor, there is always a deep chasm that may divide artifacts from authenticity ... but still: Running around saying, "Look Ma! I'm a Christian!" makes me cringe as fingernails on a blackboard might make me shudder.

Look Ma! I'm a Buddhist!

Look Ma! I'm wealthy!

Look Ma! I'm a good person!

Ick! Ick! And more ick.

Oh well, fighting with bias is probably a poor strategy. But noticing it holds out some hope ... I hope.

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