Sunday, April 29, 2012

where chocolate and cocaine collide

I love good chocolate. I mean, really good chocolate ... not just the wussy stuff sold at American stores everywhere. Mind you, I'll eat a Hershey bar or Snickers if it is offered, but a really good chocolate bar is ... is ... is ... beyond words.

Now comes word that the American government is encouraging Peruvian coca growers to use an inferior coca plant ... something that will diminish the potential for producing cocaine, the illegal drug which some enjoy as much as I enjoy real chocolate.

Where there is delicious, I guess there will always be danger, but I for one am willing to suffer the dangers if it means I can get my chocolate fix.

1 comment:

  1. "Moonstruck Chocolate, a company in Oregon, sells packs of 12 chocolate bars made with 68 percent Maranon cocoa for $144. A 36-pack box of Hershey's bars, in comparison, sells for $19.95."

    How much do ya love chocolate?

    The process of commodification does sound dangerous though.