Thursday, April 19, 2012

naming names

I've been writing this blog for I don't know how many years. My name is clearly stated ... my actual-factual name, Adam Fisher, although it is gussied up a little by the addition of my Dharma name, Genkaku.

While I can make up the reasons and excuses on their behalf, it still wonders me and to some extent irritates me that others don't use their names. I feel as if I were back in the 1960's when conspiracy theories were gaining traction and everyone imagined the FBI or CIA or NSA or some other covert agency actually gave a shit about them. Maybe they do, maybe they don't ... does that change the opinion, judgment, conclusion?

If you can't add your name to your opinion, how worthwhile is that opinion ... to you or anyone else?

I will now entertain ornate explanations and defensive exceptions.



  1. My actual name is Rongxiang, Lin (kinda hard to pronounce for a westerner) which was supposed to represent being renowned with peacefulness it is what bonds me frankly to my dad after travelling awhile as if there is one thing I love about my dad it is the love and expectations I imagined he had on me when he chose that name.

    I have been given names of all sorts during my life whether as pranks or out of respect and seriously moments ago I had a female teacher asking me why am I stuck in my doldrums without being clear about my plans for the future i.e. a new job or a new school or .. stay in the same spot .. and..

    .. When I understand why Gautama called his only son as Rahula (Fetter) seriously why am I believing in somebody else's father who saw his own son as his obstacle?

    It is very very very difficult to articulate the bonds between two men.

  2. Kinda off topic but Ive been trying to decide what name to sign my paintings with my regular name , my budhist family name or my bodhisatva name or something completly different like one of my kids names and I settled on my bodhisatva name since they are mostly Tonka paintings and made a website with that name but I'm not happy using it cause its kinda long . So may still change it , as for your page once in a blue I forget to sign my name but I always use the anonomous option since I don't like to sign into my account here , Anita