Friday, April 13, 2012

landline telephones

The return to a feudal system finds wider and wider support as economic upheaval leaves behind those who do not qualify as "the fittest." Lords and ladies shape the realm while peasants sweep the streets and cower in darkened corners.

And now comes the suggestion that landline telephones are archaic and denude the telecommunication companies of the revenue they feel they deserve. A third of Americans currently use cell phones exclusively.

If landlines are discontinued ... welcome to ancient times and the rise of dictators.

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  1. Landlines and Despots! Huh?

    Oh! Is it like the decline of the news and mission of Wall Street Journal under Rupert Murdock is directly related to causing the 'crash" of 2008?

    Take a look at an analysis of how the WSJ has changed:

    Take another look at Murdock's toxic influence in US politics: