Sunday, November 25, 2012

just one question

Funny how difficulties, after all the sturm und drang, seem to boil down to one thing -- the whole problem summarized and completed in a single word or idea.

Not that the sturm und drang can't be compelling and long-winded, but, when pushed to its limits, the situation gets very simple, somehow.

In the U.S. Supreme Court, for example, the issue of a company's liability in harassment cases will be heard tomorrow, according to Reuters. The degrees and depths and subtleties of harassment may be as subtle as a theologian's oration, but in the specific matter of harassment, the single issue the court is likely to address is the definition of the word "supervisor."

I think the same circumstances apply to individuals as well ... a problem that may be far-reaching and complex and compelling and, when pushed to the extremes of examination, a single adamantine word or phrase will rise to the surface like chicken fat in a soup pot ... floating, gloating, and clear as a bell: Solve this one, single issue and the entire matter will be resolved.

There's no skipping the sturm und drang, no way of hastening to a single key question or statement ... but it's funny how that's the way things seem to end up.

Associatively, for some reason, this brings to mind a joke about a little bird flying around and around a mountain peak in ever diminishing circles until, in the end, s/he flies up her own asshole and disappears.

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