Friday, November 16, 2012

no more Twinkies???!!!

No more Twinkies????!!!!!!!

How will the cops survive?

Hostess Brands, the manufacturer of this scrumptious and nutritionally-worthless product, has announced plans to close up shop and put 18,500 workers out of work. The company blames a workers' strike for the decision.

For the cops, who are often forced to eat on the run, I can imagine that the announcement is akin to excising Jesus from Christianity. How the hell are they supposed to survive?!

Well, I guess there's always Dunkin' Donuts.


  1. I looked this company up on wikipedia. They have quite a history of acquisitions, bankruptcy's, and are owned by investment groups similar to Bains Capital.

  2. Donuts are better I reckon. Thats what they seem to chow down on in cop movies, with a coffee.

  3. Oh well.

    I wish the bakers well in their new endeavors.

    I wonder how their pension funds will fare.

    It's pathetic that the company is releasing statements gloating that it was the workers' unreasonableness that destroyed the company, but it seems that the management was determined to squeeze every last penny out of the company.

    I have heard repeatedly on the news that it is highly likely that some the brand name products like Twinkies will be sold off and will be back on the shelves soon.

    In the meantime kids across the country will have to look elsewhere for their quick, delicious and virtually nutrion-less breakfast fixes like Pink Sno Balls and Inca Cola.

    As for me after a brief enchantment with Hostess and Drakes in my early adolescent years, I haven't knowingly eaten a Hostess product in over twenty-five years.