Monday, November 19, 2012

the incense fairy


Several days ago, I wrote a blog post whining about the fact that I really didn't have the disposable income to afford more incense for the zendo and the house. It's pricey stuff and I live on a limited income.

Yesterday, I received a package containing a box of a new kind of incense -- very fine, but new to my nose -- from a friend.

Today, I received a largish box from the incense company I have patronized in the past, Shoyeido. Three plump boxes of my favored incense were within ... and no saying who footed the bill. I called the company and wheedled like a street urchin until they coughed up the name... another recently-made friend.

How very, very nice ....

I am as touched by the thoughts as I am by the gifts themselves.

And flabbergasted.


  1. You always seemed like the kinda guy who could be bought off for a couple cheap sticks of incense , you old softy you .

  2. "Incense fairy" my ass......

  3. Darn! Just when your incense habit was beginning to fall away. Now you're stuck with another kalpa of practicing with incense.

  4. Ha -- the stink of Zen!