Tuesday, November 20, 2012

the blessing of blasphemy

Accused blasphemer escorted to jail
In Pakistan, the case against a mentally-challenged 14-year-old girl accused of burning pages of the Koran has been dropped. The case against the cleric who accused her will move forward. Nevertheless, the girl and her family are not free from the anger of those who once thought the girl had committed blasphemy.

It amazes me -- and scares me shitless -- to imagine living in a world where a religion is allowed to truncate the very human spirit it might claim to nourish.

The human mind is, to my mind, blasphemous by nature ... and thank God for it. A spiritual persuasion that cannot take this into account with benevolence in its teachings is a truly frightening corruption.

Still, I don't imagine picking on Pakistan is entirely appropriate. There are places and persuasions and individuals in the United States that are similarly inclined ... and not all of them are ingrown ignoramuses on the surface.

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