Wednesday, November 28, 2012

summing up the Zen sex scandals

Observing the various sex scandals flittering around the Zen Buddhist world, someone named "Willy" gave what I considered a perfect summation of the action-reaction that has been seen time and time again as such scandals rose up, were denied, rose up again, were sidetracked again, rose up again....

That summation (found on James Ford's blog) was:

"He ain’t dead, and if he is, I didn’t kill him, and if I had, the bastard had it coming."

PS. And in somewhat the same category, here is Stephen Batchelor's "Buddhism and Sex: The Bigger Picture."

Among the observations I liked best:

As long as systemic inequalities of institutional power remain unchallenged, no amount of soul-searching and drafting of ever more detailed moral “guidelines” will succeed in comprehensively tackling the core issue of the abuse of power.

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