Friday, November 16, 2012

returning to the place you never left

Perhaps it is the same for others as well: Putting out a lot of effort and a lot of concentration on a given course and then, after the fact, needing some time to decompress, to come down from whatever heights or depths, to return to more normal climes.

For me, that's the way it is when writing ... pedal to the metal; shutting out other concerns; focusing; feeling the flow and then extending it; pushing the limits that arise ... further and further and further into the project at hand and then ... it's over and I need some time to decompress; to loosen reins that had been tightened; to sit on the porch and sip coffee and have a smoke or play a game or two of machine-generated solitaire; to...

What an odd duck -- to return to the place you never left.

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