Wednesday, April 9, 2014

no beginning

How profound could anything be if it were simply true? It seems to me that profound stuff relies at every turn on the trinkets and support system of whatever is not profound. True stuff doesn't work like that. It's more easy -- almost lazy in its relaxed state. It's just true.

Yesterday for a while, I lost the beginning of things. I don't want to make a big deal out of it, but I don't want to ignore it either. Losing the beginning of things was rather pleasant and I like pleasant stuff.

It seemed to occur as I was munching one mental topic or another and I wondered vaguely how all of that had got its start ... where or when did it begin. Suddenly I realized that not only could I not find the beginning, but finding a beginning was neither necessary nor true. It was like Spiderman without his costume or a monk without his robe -- nothing special ... my credulity had simply gone out of it.

I checked it out against events in my own life and then against various news items of the day. And the result was the same. It wasn't that beginnings were somehow wrong or less profound. They just didn't happen to be true and what was true lightened the load.

It was as if your neighbor dyed his dog pink. The same dog that you greeted with pleasure on some sidewalk stroll was now pink ... a somewhat strange occurrence, but it was still the same dog you had greeted with pleasure in the past. The dog didn't mind. It was just a dog. The pink part -- the part where beginnings arose -- was just a mildly silly add-on.

Anyway, for a while, things had no beginnings yesterday. It was just a fact and it made life somewhat easier, somewhat less muddled and muddied. Where things had no beginnings, life seemed  brighter and more inescapably true. Even the profound nitwits leaping to the religio-philosophical conclusion that things are somehow "beginningless" ... well, knock yourself out, but don't blame me if what is light and true becomes freighted and sluggish.

I guess things have beginnings again today. I haven't really checked. I just wanted to say that yesterday was pleasant and I like pleasant stuff... the stuff that lolls about and is simply true.

Beginning ... what a strange notion.

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