Friday, April 4, 2014

antidote to sadness

In response to a topic on sadness and meditation, I wrote this view yesterday:
Meditation really is a good tool, but I think trying to use it against anything -- as for example, sorrow -- is a mistake. The same goes for trying to use it for anything. I'm not entirely sure what this tool is good for -- it just seems to be a good tool.
When sadness comes, I guess it's time to be sad. Boiled down, it's just sadness and you have survived sadness before. Wishing, hoping or expecting sadness to be something else -- as, for example, joy, bliss, enlightenment, compassion or a chocolate bar -- seems to be a bit like trying to douse a fire with gasoline/petrol: The ache of sadness merely gets worse. Not asking sadness to be something else seems to be the only recourse.
Of course, maybe a little meditation might help. Or not. Breathe in, breathe out.
Is the sadness sad?

1 comment:

  1. Set the intention.
    Breathe In Breath out.
    In out in out in out....
    Time passes.
    In silence some calmness eventually ensues
    Has nothing changed?

    For better or worse it seems (in my own limited exposure to Zen at least) little nothing is taught directly in Zen about Sankapla or setting the intention before and after meditation. In many schools of yoga-style meditation and Tibetan Buddhist meditation sankalpa is taught. Some familiarity with the practice of sankalpa might be (or seem to be) of help.

    Even so.

    Make the time.
    Breathe In Breath out.
    In out in out in out....
    In silence calmness eventually ensues
    Why not take advantage of the change?