Monday, April 4, 2016

Dear Abby ... stuff a dead husband?

Appeared today (scroll down) in a variety of newspapers:
DEAR ABBY: My husband is in poor health, and when his time comes, I would like to have him stuffed. It would be comforting to see him sitting in his favorite chair in the living room. That way I'd always know where he is, plus he wouldn't be asking me for another beer all the time. My kids don't like the idea. What about you, Abby? -- DESERT HOT SPRINGS, CALIF.

DEAR D.H.S.: Grief makes people do strange things. I'm not sure you are thinking this through. Once you are finished grieving, you may meet someone you want to watch a game with and need that chair.


  1. I wonder if she might settle for his image on a dart board.

  2. Ready this today with eyebrows raised to the ceiling.
    Letter for real? Or late for April Fool's?
    Although interesting idea ---