Tuesday, April 12, 2016

the price of being right

In the organ-recital department this morning, my right ankle, which can let out with yelps of knifing pain, really does need a doctor's attention. The flocks that crap on cars have made an appearance and, in observance of long-standing tradition, have begun crapping on cars. And there is writing that needs to be done.

Otherwise, it's rainy and I found this article about believers who segued away from an imperious belief system quite touching.

Is there anything, spiritual or otherwise, that cannot be titled, "the price of being right?"

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  1. Such human stories, every bit as human as surviving the holocaust or slavery or war. But the only way to "manage" 7billion humans is with labels and departments and borders. Aside from protecting the weak from the strong, management doesn't seem so important to me. But the laws meant to do that eventually are coopted to protect the rich from the needy. Seven billion very human stories. How does one digest that?