Friday, April 29, 2016

moving Israel to Texas

In a BBC article that differentiates "Zionism" and "anti-Semitism," the following detail was tacked onto a British Member of Parliament who had been suspended for a variety of otherwise unspecified reasons:
"It follows the suspension of Bradford West MP Naz Shah after it emerged she had once suggested, among other things, that Israel should be moved to the United States."
I don't suppose even entertaining the idea is allowed within certain circles -- too implicitly "anti-Semitic" dontcha know -- but it does suggest one rivulet of thought in a Europe which is often less sanguine about Israel than the United States can be.

It tickles the mind ... move to where in the United States, precisely? Texas? Wyoming? Maine? New York? What would the effect be on the frictions of the Middle East? What would the effect be on, for example, Texas? If it happened, would Israel be allowed to keep its nuclear weapons? How well would Benjamin Netanyahu fare? In order for Israel to maintain its righteousness, would a certain number of Arabs need to be relocated as well?

A useless train of thought, perhaps, but sometimes useless thoughts are worth the thinking.

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  1. Israel is 8,522 sqare miles in area. The american border with Mexico is 1,954 miles long. If we gave them a 5 mile swath of land the full length of that border it would increase their holdings to 9.770 square miles. They could wall their border, using the $121 billion american tax dollars we give them annually to pay for for it. Aaaaand we'd have to pick our own crops. But that could be managed by drafting youth in season. It's a win/win that president Trump should consider.