Sunday, November 27, 2016

l'état, c'est moi

It may be a long or a short haul to the Jan. 20 inauguration of Donald Trump as president of the United States. It depends on the point of view, I suppose. But here's what feels like a relatively sane depiction of the businessman-turned-president's potential conflict-of-interest pitfalls:
Constitutional lawyers and White House ethics counsellors from Democratic and Republican administrations have warned Donald Trump his presidency might be blocked by the electoral college if he does not give up ownership of at least some of his business empire. [The Guardian]
Louis XIV's alleged-but-undocumented bon mot, "l'état, c'est moi" (I am the state), comes to mind.

It is hard not to munch on the idea that Donald Trump might create a leadership coterie, decline or be denied the role of president and then ... and then ... all of his properties gain in value. His claim to fame, as he has often said, is that he is a businessman. What's one more rat-fuck for a man of such shameless, blameless stature?


  1. "Trump, meanwhile, used a meeting with a delegation of Brexit activists including his closest British ally, Nigel Farage, to urge them to oppose wind farms which he felt would spoil the view from one of his Scottish golf courses. He also took time out from selecting cabinet officials to meet his Indian business partners and pose for pictures with them, while the Philippines government announced it was appointing his business partner in Manila as its next ambassador to Washington."

    I've always said, he'd shift the treasury to an offshore account and park himself where extradition isn't possible.

  2. Il doublera trop souvent et perdra, puis il fuira. Envoyez les drones après lui.

  3. Adult question: Does aged men == fornicating older married women?

  4. Adult question: Does aged men == fornicating older married women?