Sunday, November 13, 2016

plop, plop, fizz, fizz

(CNN)Eight thousand people angry about President-elect Donald Trump's policies on immigration, the environment, LGBT rights and other issues marched in the streets of downtown Los Angeles on Saturday, the fourth day of anti-Trump demonstrations.
The march was peaceful, unlike the Friday night protest by 1,000 people that resulted in the arrests of 187 adults and eight juveniles, Los Angeles police said.
Protests have been held across the nation and most have been peaceful, lacking the intensity from the previous night.
The halitosis that was the recent 2016 presidential election lingers. Donald Trump won. There are demonstrations. Would it have been any different if Hillary Clinton had been anointed? Either way, the halitosis and body odor of a two-year campaign cycle sends people skittering for intellectual and emotional shelter. Perhaps to the 3/1 odds posted by British gambling powerhouse Ladbrokes ... 3/1 that Trump will leave office "via impeachment or resignation before end of 1st term." Or perhaps to the more whimsical analgesic throwback ...

A 7.8 magnitude earthquake in New Zealand? Small potatoes, seemingly.

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