Tuesday, November 1, 2016

"Zen Dogs"

Says the author of the photo book, "Zen Dogs,"

"I hope this series of images is a gentle and positive reminder of the peace, calm and joy that dogs bring to our lives."

Interesting to see that every photo on The Guardian site is a picture of a dog with his/her/its eyes closed. Zen is an open-eyed business, though perhaps we're not supposed to say so. I guess "bliss" is more blissful if your eyes are closed?

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  1. I used to tell folks that my teacher was a queensland healer named Sydney, and he gave me the dharma name Can Opener. I did learn a lot of important things from dogs throughout my life though. Particularly that if you're not in danger, not hungry, not itchy, and there's nothing really fun or interesting to do... take a nap.