Wednesday, November 2, 2016

mom as cash cow

I can imagine that many of those persuaded by psychology might take a dim view of idol-worshiping or other religious ritualisms.

And yet how many shrinks (Freudians front and center) do you know who bless the name and bow before the idols of the mothers of those practicing the 50-minute hour ... you know, the ones who put spaghetti on their table.

Oh well, one (wo)man's catastrophe is another's ascension.

Thanks mom.


  1. I miss mine. She was smarter than me.

    1. Mine was initially a male chap. The female shrink that became my colleague couldn't find a job. The last time I saw a shrink this year she felt that my dad was sick. I probably saved my dad from another hospitalisation. Taylor Swift for President of the United States of America this week!