Thursday, July 27, 2017

but I don't want to cook

My mother once said, "The greatest change in the 20th century was the loss of servants." At the time, I thought the comment was a bit top-lofty, but the other day, I re-assessed.

Skimming through a news wire, I came upon an article that encouraged the retired to consider hiring people to do cooking, cleaning and other jobs that ate unpleasantly into retirement times. Retirement, the article argued, is a time for putting chores on the back burner, not just cruises to the Mediterranean.

For some time, I have been the de facto cook at supper times. And I dislike it, not least because the tail end of the day is when my system naturally slows down. I'm a morning guy. Fighting to stay alert at a time when I would rather zone out is a pain in the patoot. So...

When I suggested getting someone to do some of the cooking, my son had some of the same reaction I had had to my mother. The idea was a bit snazzy and not exactly our style. But subtracting the class-consciousness from the equation, how is it different from paying a guy to mow the lawn, a chore that outpaces my energies these days? My wife still works and I don't think it fair to ask her to fill in.

Of course, the whole thing may be too pricey for my wallet, but once or twice a week sure would be nice as long as the provider steered clear of anchovies.


  1. If i could afford it, i'd put my whole life in the hands of a hired professional. I can't even sleep right anymore.

  2. I recently hired an old lady to clean the house twice a month. I like to serve her coffee, maybe to diminish any illusionary "class-conscious" feelings that might stem from paying someone to give me a hand...

    I love her presence in the house, kind of makes me feel that "granny is home". Last time she was around, we sat around the kitchen table for coffee before she left, listening to her stories of how she single-handedly managed a school canteen for some time, cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner for 300 children... Alone and without complaint!

    Class? You bet.