Wednesday, July 5, 2017

the yearn for sperm

No doubt there are elements left out of this BBC story, but there is something about it that strikes me as cockeyed:
Professional women are freezing their eggs due to a "dearth of educated men to marry", a US study has claimed.
Yale University researchers suggested an "oversupply" of graduate women left them struggling to find a partner and "desperate" to preserve fertility.
They said the "man deficit" was worse in countries where more women were going to university, as in the UK.
The researchers interviewed 150 women who had frozen eggs, of whom 90% said they could not find a suitable partner.
It is hard not to infer that there are some smart sperm out there somewhere just waiting to link up with some equally smart eggs. This strikes me as second-rate sorcery -- a vision that plants its flag in nature and brushes aside nurture. How well-educated can a well-educated woman be if she subscribes to such an hypothesis? If you were a smart man, would you want to mate with a woman holding to this sort of outlook? And what about personality -- male and female -- that contributes to what is often called "family?"

Until someone tells me more, I am inclined to call it bullshit. Frozen for all eternity, perhaps, but bullshit nonetheless.


  1. I'm guessing "suitable partner" is the essence of it, and a serious can of worms at that.

  2. Seems the BBC did little more than paraphrase the article published in the Telegraph a day earlier The article in the Telegraph is a little better.

    The story comes out of the research, presented at the European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology conference in Geneva. The research was based on detailed interviews with women in the United States, and Israel.

    So, were the right questions asked?

    Don't know.

  3. I proposed marriage, proposed and proposed again. The same girl I am proposing marriage about. I did not freeze any semen, did not plan housing, insurance and education for the kids, I planned to die.

  4. Sorry you're having a bad time. In considering and then proposing marriage, having a good life plan can be helpful (just be prepare to be determined and firm at times, and flexible at other times.

    You might want to meditate on this quotation:

    Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. - Albert Einstein

    As for planning to die, please elaborate.