Thursday, July 6, 2017

Trump's ethics chief pulls the plug

The US government's top ethics watchdog has announced his intention to resign, after repeatedly clashing with President Donald Trump.
Walter Shaub, director of the Office of Government Ethics (OGE), will leave his post on 19 July....
Mr Trump will now be able to choose his own ethics director to replace Mr Shaub, subject to confirmation by the Senate.
Donald Trump had an ethics chief????

Who knew?

I sure hope Trump's choice is another old, rich white guy.

PS. Am I making this up or are more and more news stories referring to Donald Trump as "Mr." Trump?


  1. It's true, it's true... expect he'll just eliminate the position as the part of the swamp to drain.

  2. Old Charlie might be right and Team Trump will try to eliminate the US Office of Government Ethics.

    You might want swing by the OGE web site to see if and how it changes.

    I'm hoping Mr. Shaub will be called to testify in Mueller's inquiry.

    I'm curious to learn about the pressures Shaub found himself experiencing.

  3. I prefer "The Donald" to "Donald Trump" or "Mr. Trump;" and "President Trump" just sounds wrong.

  4. Trump meets Lee in Berlin this week!