Saturday, July 15, 2017

let's get naked ... or not

Even as TV movies edge closer and closer to penises and vaginas -- what is sometimes called "pornography" -- it does seem to be a good time to take a little stock.

Naked is as boring in the end as it is nifty.

Anyone who has been what we here in the U.S. sometimes call "skinny dipping" (going for a swim in the buff) can attest to the strange sense of freedom that goes with it -- as if the all-over coolth and wetness imparted a nifty sense of internal relief that matches the external lack of clothing.

But the disapprobation of nakedness imputed to porn takes on a kind of sluggish boredom when viewed in the various offerings on the internet. Yup, they're naked. Yup, it looks like they're 'doing it' in front of all viewers. And yup, it's pretty much the same from one video to the next. Porn is naked and seems to consist of one endless blow job compounded with a few other antics. What may be sexy at the outset turns pretty prosaic in larger doses.

Naked is not the sexy part. It is the clothing -- the secrets -- that rouses the horn dog that gets excited.

What I find interesting about all this is that so many people (unless I am mistaken) take up one secret or another as they go through life and only with experience wish to God they could be free of their own fabrications. How wonderful it would be to speak the truth in words the soothe the caged beast within. And I am not talking simply about sexual constrictions. Trying to look good, whether socially or in the bathroom mirror, is tiring. Why not simply tell the truth and lighten the load? Why not get naked?

Why not? Because nakedness is boring in one sense and the salt and pepper afforded by fabrications is more interesting ... sexier. But one lie leads to the next and the weight can become unbearable.

Nakedness may be boring, but the clothing is not much better. Screwed if you fabricate, screwed if you don't ... something like that.

Who can thread this needle, if needle there be?

Just noodling.


  1. It's exciting to discover something hidden. But staring at it for any length of time gets boring.

    1. So don't stare too long and you won't get ..,,

    2. Reminds of the some of the mundane musings we did In the late sixties.

      Listen to this straight through:

      social commentary dance tune

      (Sorry 'bout the posted song's abrupt ending.)

  2. FFS, get a life.