Thursday, July 27, 2017

Hey Ma! Have you seen my £750,000 ring?

A £750,000 diamond ring, missing from the British Museum for six years, has only now been registered as lost....
"British Museum procedure, as agreed by trustees, requires the ring formally to be reported as lost five years after the initial discovery of its absence.
"The museum has since reviewed its security and collections management procedures and dedicated significant investment to improved security across the estate."
There's "bling," I guess, and then there's 'BLING."


  1. Should i go missing, don't wait five years to report it.

  2. Should I go missing... Oh... Never mind, I'm not worth 750k...

  3. Glad they are updating security procedures. Five years is a bit too long. Any leads are probably well chilled and covered in dust.

    I look forward to the movie about the ring's disappearance. Love to see Benedict Cumberbatch or Colin Morgan play the mastermind,