Saturday, July 8, 2017

Troll's Penis resurrected

Its former glory ....
Crowd-funding has allowed for advancing restoration of the "The Troll's Penis" in Norway.
A penis-shaped rock formation in Norway that was apparently knocked down by vandals last month has been restored to its anatomical glory.
Scaffolding was used to hoist up the protuberance, which is reported to weigh about 12 tonnes (12,000kg.)
The restoration operation was funded by a crowdfunding campaign which raised about 227,000 kroner ($27,000).
But tourists will have to wait a week before they can see the formation in order to allow it to fasten properly.
Finally!!!!!! Penises and trolls get some respect!


  1. That's a lotta money for gluing on a rock.

  2. A piece of rock juts out and a bunch of Norwegians call it a Troll's Penis. Oh boy!

    The Chinese have been at this much longer and have much better au natural formations to pick from.

    For example Check out the sex on the rocks on Danxia Shan Mountain in Guang Dong Province, China. We have a penis that looks like a penis, and a vejayjay with nice lips


    If you like titties with your Tsingtao Beer while touring the Chinese mountainside see