Sunday, July 2, 2017

dead, gone, but not forgotten

The Brits prove once again that there is something to be said for a long lineage in which people's quirks were memorialized on headstones.


  1. I found your blog when I was searching for more information about your mother. Now I read your posts all the time. I keep hoping you will talk about Helen Eustis more. I may just be snoopy. Anyway your blog link to a paper seems broken.Take care, your writing is lovely, Marsha Brown (cat-lovers-almanac)

  2. Marsha -- If you have specific questions, why don't you email?
    The above link "to a paper" (actually the BBC) works OK for me. I don't know how to correct.

  3. Marsha, Genkaku assumed that you are referring to the current post.

    From my device, the link to the article the current post references works.

    Assuming you come back to this post looking for an answer check the link again. If it still doesn't work copy and paste the explicit link: