Wednesday, August 9, 2017

a nation of cowards

Reading the newswires as I do each morning, I realize that I am sick of being ruled by cowards. By cowards, I do not mean simply the politicians who long for another term and seek out the most expedient way to excite one voter base or another -- who use, for example, "terrorism" as a means of frightening the many while diverting attention from policies that might enrich and lift up others.

A coward is not the one who can espouse a position considered credible and creditable and then stand by that position....


Admits forthrightly that s/he has had a change of heart and admits that change of heart and shoulders the responsibility.

I am sick of being led by those who squirm and seek out a good name for themselves at all costs while others are left dangling or sick or hungry in their wake. If there was something "I did not mean..." then the one who is not a coward steps up and says more clearly what s/he did mean.

This goes as much for those who object to neighbors flying the Confederate battle flag as it does for the Republicans who had seven years to construct a health care plan that would outshine the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and failed to do it even as the current president promised that the first order of business, when he was elected president, would be to get ride of Obamacare ... and build a wall along the Mexican border, and deliver tax reform and do something about the need for infrastructure repairs that would benefit all Americans.

That policies and principles should fail is not the mark of a coward. The cowards are marked by their unwillingness to concede the loss. It used to be called "character." Character means a willingness to reflect and reconsider the policies espoused.

Is rattling sabers or yet another war an answer to healthcare or poverty or jobs or infrastructure or tax reform?

Donald Trump's disenfranchised voting base is bit by bit becoming the rest of us ... a nation led by and becoming cowards.

Just a little ranting.


  1. Well, I suppose we get the world we deserve. Not because some god judged it to be so, but because we didn't do the work to make it better. And now the shit is piled so high it overwhelms, so we say it can't be done. A journey of 1,000 miles is just too much for us to take on.

  2. Did you really think Republicans really wanted to come up with a better system than the Affordable Care Act?
    I always assumed it was sloganeering engineered by the likes of Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell.

    We lost a Republican Party made up of decent rational people years ago, if we actually ever had one.

    The current crop of people belonging to that party make up a freak show far worse than folks who are simply cowards, or not being people of principle, or a people having a coherent & sensible if different set of principles.

    People like McConell saw the value of dirty politics and the politics of destruction and hatred and utilized them.

    As for the ACA they could care less. The other defective party known as the Democrats did a very poor job pointing out that the Republicans' idea of health care reform is giving massive tax breaks to the wealthy.

    But paraphrasing what others like olcharlie have said elsewhere on this blog, Americans are sleep. I don't agree they deserve to be treated poorly, but I'm not surprised when they are.

  3. Are we all going to Korea already? =)