Thursday, August 10, 2017

upscale hovel

No cooking in the kitchen....
Responses in Amsterdam, where property prices have been rocketing due to a crippling housing shortage, have ranged from astonished indignation to wry resignation.
An estate agent has been caught offering for rent a 35 sq metre apartment, boasting its own “private kitchen”, for €1,100 (£995) a month (or €1,000 not including bills).
Just a couple of catches, however: cooking is strictly prohibited and no more than two people are allowed into the flat at any one time.

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  1. "In 'Essay on the Principle of Population,' Malthus proposed the principle that human populations grow exponentially (i.e., doubling with each cycle) while food production grows at an arithmetic rate (i.e. by the repeated addition of a uniform increment in each uniform interval of time)"

    It's about time someone adds appropriate colloraries about other needs like space in which to live.

    It's probably been done already I reckon.