Friday, August 25, 2017

first the priests, now the generals

The U.S. Army will do something this weekend it has done only four other times since the Truman administration: drag a general into a military courtroom to face criminal charges.
James J. Grazioplene, 68, a retired major general from Gainesville, Va., is being court-martialed on charges that he raped a child over a six-year period while he was on active duty in the 1980s, according to Army officials and court documents.
It is extremely rare for senior military officers to face court-martial proceedings.
Unless they were ring knockers (West Point grads), I thought they sent guys like this to Alaska to count snow flakes ... a quiet, chilly demise.


  1. The reasons are probably buried in the redacted sections.

  2. I suppose they took a lesson from the church and wanted to protect some credibility.