Monday, August 28, 2017

cops get a military boost

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Local police departments will soon have access to grenade launchers, high-caliber weapons and other surplus U.S. military gear after President Donald Trump signed an order Monday reviving a Pentagon program that civil rights groups say inflames tensions between officers and their communities.
President Barack Obama had sharply curtailed the program in 2015 amid an outcry over the heavily-armed police response to protesters after several police killings of black men in Ferguson, Missouri and other cities. The Trump administration maintains the program is needed to protect public safety and says that in restoring it, officials are demonstrating confidence in local and state police.
The only phrase that tickles my mind is, "come the revolution...."
Can the U.S. catch up with North Korea?


  1. We can surely afford to surpass.

  2. And now this.

    Just got an offer from if I join NK Pro, they'll throw in access to the North Korea Missile Tracker. Hey forewarned, right?

    I wonder if my local PD will pick up a couple of grenade launchers. Actually, I think we need anti ballistic missiles and launchers instead. I'm sure Trump will sell those and at a premium.

    To the mountains! To the caves!
    Anybody have any maps of abandoned Nuclear Bunkers built in the 50's?