Tuesday, August 29, 2017

climate change barb

Here is a Guardian column about media-sponsored silences on the issue of climate change. I am too ignorant to know whether its premises are apt or inept, but it feels like something worth paying serious attention to.

Capitalism in the cross-hairs.

The nicest thing thing anyone can say for Hurricane Harvey, which is currently battering Texas, is that it washes away the unbridled attention paid to an unbridled president Donald Trump.


  1. Lovelock claimed the tipping point was back in the 70's. The point being that anything we do is too late, that negative feedback loops are engaged. All of the bad things you can imagine are our future.

  2. I agree we are late but it seems that the very hard things needed to be done are still doable.

    See "Climate change mitigation" on Wikipedia.

    Further, I found this.

    James Lovelock's climate change pessimism is unhelpful https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2010/apr/01/james-lovelock-climate-change-pessimism

    This is more helpful