Sunday, August 20, 2017

strong man contest

Well, the Strong Man competition in Vaasa, Finland, appears to be over and Rich, my daughter Olivia's husband, came in sixth ... out of 14 as I understand it. Hooooot Shit!

Rich is enormous... as in fills-up-a-doorway ... until you create a context ... as for example, below (Rich is second from left)


  1. Very respectable for early in his career.

  2. How long has Rich been training for Strongman level weight lifting? And he just started competing?

    When I went to look up what routines are done in strongman contest I found this: "A top athlete in Strongman would need to ingest upwards of 10,000 Calories a day." Holy Shazam! That's like 4 whole pizzas a day!! What does he have like a tray of Lasagna for dinner?

  3. Andy -- I don't know what, precisely, creates the muscled magic. I just watch the magic and go "wow!"