Monday, January 30, 2012

ready, shoot, aim

In Indianapolis, Indiana, they're clamping down on the riff-raff in anticipation of the Feb. 5 Super Bowl football game. Hookers, drug addicts, and petty thieves and other perceived undesirables are being ushered out of what will be the limelight.

And in an unrelated and yet related event, the Pentagon is opening talks with Iraq about future military ties.

If the riff-raff in Indianapolis are a concern now, why wasn't the problem a focal point before the Super Bowl entered anyone's consciousness? And if, as was suggested before the war that left almost 4,500 American war dead, the strategic military importance of Iraq (plus the oil of course) was so vital ... why was there ever a war?

It's a puzzler. Shoot first, aim later?

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