Saturday, January 21, 2012

performing 'miracles'

In the practice of Buddhism, there is some effort to investigate the habits of a lifetime ... the stuff that has welded itself together and helped to maintain a sense of self. Mostly, the habits go unremarked, but because they can lead to unhappiness or a nagging uncertainty, Buddhism suggests taking some time to seek out the sources of what creates discomfort. Some take the suggestion. Others don't.

Outside Chicago on Thursday, a 34-year-old man accidentally shot a 3.25-inch nail into his brain. He didn't really notice anything until he became nauseated on Friday, when he went to the hospital and doctors removed the nail without ill effect.

The man's fiancee called the adventure a "miracle."

I guess Buddhists are much the same: What they don't initially notice begins to create discomfort and they head for the Buddhist General Hospital where, after some examination, 'miracles' are performed.

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