Sunday, January 29, 2012

former Citigroup CEO John Reed on Bill Moyers

Just watched Bill Moyers' TV interview with former Citigroup CEO John Reed. For those interested, I hope the shoddy vimeo production works better on your computer than mine, but it's worth a try, even with the dimestore delivery.

Anyway, I recommend Bill Moyers to anyone willing to listen to someone who both thinks and has an unabashed and credible sense of morality. What a pleasure in a day and age of who-can-yell-louder to hear someone -- anyone -- digging for facts and willing to point out who it was who screwed the pooch.

PS. It seems mildly ironic that the big-bucks capitalist should bear the same name as the left-leaning journalist who wrote a moderately good book about the Russian Revolution. "Ten Days That Shook the World" was published in 1919.


  1. This link is from the Bill Moyers site (same video) --

    AND for the lazy ones like me you can click the top left hand corner 'FULL TRANSCRIPT' to read it instead of watching it.

  2. Although now I start reading...I think I will watch instead.

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