Thursday, January 19, 2012

lessons in the news

-- If you thought Vlad the Impaler (sometimes called Dracula) was bad news for Transylvania, this may be the time to rethink the priorities of horror. In Vlad's country, Romania, the riots based on economic difficulty are rising. Those who cannot point to Romania on a map may think that "Romania ain't us," but I would argue that Romania is our very own kissing cousin and that taking a lesson from our horrific kin is not so farfetched after all.

-- A study claims that dementia patients who are given anti-depressants suffer relatively more falls -- some with serious results -- than those whose depression was not addressed with such drugs. Depression is no joke, but then, when you're 82 or older as most in the study were, neither is a broken hip. Aging is a conundrum only as long as anyone insists on youth and vitality.

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