Saturday, January 7, 2012

redefining "rape"

In the news that caught my fancy today:

-- The Federal Bureau of Investigation has redefined the meaning of "rape" for the first time in 83 years. No longer are women the only legally-defined objects of such assault. Men are now included as are people who do not physically resist.

-- In New Zealand on Saturday, a hot air balloon bearing 11 people got snagged on some high-power electrical lines, burst into flame and fell to earth. Everyone was killed. Hot air balloons sit in my mind as a delight and a beauty and a small wonder. They slide across the sky in almost dead silence, taken by whatever wind arises. They are like a wide-eyed fairy tale -- untrue in one sense and yet generating something that is truly true. Their presence makes me go "ahhhhhh" ... until, of course, the "awww" factor interrupts.

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