Wednesday, January 25, 2012

wriggling and writhing

In Davos, Switzerland, a variety of capitalist heavy-hitters are writhing and wriggling. These are men used to being in command, used to being in control, used to fine and refined meals. But around the world, the fields from which they drew their stature are not entirely in control. The crops are not as assured as once. Peasants are hungry and what's more, they're pissed. Capitalist heavy-hitters not only want to be in control, they also would like to be well-thought-of in the process. Currently, the applause meter is at a low ebb and in Davos, there are men who are wringing their hands, looking for someone -- someone else -- to blame. And one of the targets of blame is governments with their policy decisions that have built this bed of capitalistic discomfort.

The very governments capitalist heavy-hitters bought and paid for as best they could are now demonized as contributing to capitalist dis-ease. Wriggling and writhing ... any excuse will do. Just don't upset my foie gras lifestyle and mental state. Don't shatter my assumptions.

I don't imagine these men are very different from any of us ... wriggling and writhing ... looking for a way to avoid the crucifixion of responsibility.

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