Saturday, January 21, 2012

who raises up these gods?

For the rest of us (the self-anointed 99% in the economic food chain), there is something satisfying about witnessing the demise of the rich and powerful. A small voice whispers, "Told you so!"

Gods and tycoons ... same stuff: Where the mighty fall, the less mighty are all ears.

For example, Texas billionaire Allen Stanford is headed to court on Monday. He is accused of creating a $7 billion ponzi scheme that left investors gasping for air and out for blood. Jets, yachts, wives, lavishly appointed dwellings ... Stanford had all the trappings.

And now the trappings are being stripped away, to the delight of the same crowd that stood mute and worshipful at his brilliant ascendancy.

Funny how no matter how often this scenario plays itself out -- the scions and saints and powerful warlords who rise up and then fall away -- still the habit of those who raise them up is largely ignored. It's as if it were a satisfactory diet: "I raised up a god that turned out to be false and therefore ... I will raise up another god."

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