Wednesday, January 11, 2012

promising promises un-promised

-- Colleges that once invited parents to lock in a lower tuition rate by investing in a pre-paid plan for their children who are not yet old enough to be in college are running out of money. The investments they made with the parental payments have gone belly-up or are so severely hurt by the economic hard times that keeping a chirpy promise has become untenable. No doubt there is fine print that will save the institutions, if not their integrity. You get one guess as to who is going to get screwed in this scenario.

-- A $3.5 million anti-'terrorist' fence in Halifax harbor, home of the Canadian navy, has been dismantled because of the mussels and kelp weighing it down. Three and a half million dollars and no one could factor in the effect of mussels and kelp?

-- Anyone suspicious of the entries offered on Wikipedia, the Internet encyclopedia, might want to consider the fact that the Vatican has acknowledged it used the service to produce biographies of 22 new cardinals ... biographies then passed along to journalists, who, perhaps, passed them on to us. I don't know about you, but I think I may rush right over to Wikipedia to offer an unvarnished and invariably sparkling description of my own life and times. I am a legend in my own mind, after all, and I see no reason why others should not share this point of view.

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