Monday, January 9, 2012

department of worst nightmares and dreams come true

-- A 22-year-old woman lived to tell the tale after the bungee cord attached to her feet snapped during her jump over the Zambezi River. Some reports spiffed up the story by saying the waters below were "infested with crocodiles." No word on the crocodiles, but the young woman's adventure sounded surprisingly like everyone's nightmare of having something trusted turn untrustworthy.

-- There is snow and then there is snow. Cordova, a small town in Alaska, has had something like 18 feet in the recent past and more is on the way. The town is inaccessible by road and must wait for air support or arriving ferries. Roofs have collapsed but no one has as yet been injured. Kids were advised to go to school ... but only if their parents felt comfortable allowing it. There is so much snow that there is no place to put it. No place to put it ... what a nightmare.

-- At the other end of the nightmare spectrum (in the realm of dreams come true), there was Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow's pass for an 80-yard touchdown against the Pittsburgh Steelers yesterday. The pass won the game in the first eleven seconds of overtime play.

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