Friday, January 27, 2012

the truth ... that's nice dear

People care about "the truth" and I guess I do too or I wouldn't be typing.

What are the attributes of truth, what are its characteristics?

Did anyone ever succeed in living a life that was somehow "not true?"

Whatever the truth is and however it is defined, it seems to me that the minute anyone tries to hold onto it, then it is like a child who reaches into the ocean, grabs a handful, and rushes home with a clenched fist to show his mom what a wondrous discovery he's made: By the time he bursts through the kitchen door, fist clenched and fully prepared to show off his prize ....

Maybe that's why moms everywhere have learned the soothing phrase, "that's nice dear" and returned to their chores.

Cultivating our own mom factor may be as close to 'the truth' as anyone is ever going to get.

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