Thursday, January 26, 2012

'The Wisdom Project'

Today, as a challenge to myself, I plan to drive over to the senior center and check out a gathering billed as "The Wisdom Project." The group is advertised as being open to those over 55 and is said to focus on the notion of wisdom ... with a goal of creating "community," whatever that means.

The challenge lies in the fact that I am simultaneously touched by and wary of groups or individuals intent on nailing Jell-O to the wall. What that means is that I am simultaneously touched by and wary of my own efforts to nail Jell-O to the wall.

Whatever 'wisdom' may be, it reminds me of the brown-rice-circuit devotees intent on learning to levitate. What the hell would anyone do with levitation if they could do it? Likewise, what the hell would anyone do with wisdom, by whatever definition, if they actually had it?

It's an adventure.


  1. Let us know what it was like, if you like.

  2. It was four people (the original moderator was away) sitting around having a pleasant conversation. Nothing hokey or wise, just pleasant conversation about things like "cooperation" and "education" and I don't know what else. Everyone got a turn and there was minimal, sub-rosa the world-should-see-things-my-way breast-beating.

    We didn't really get around to Peter's assertion that he was optimistic about the nation's future. Given the tenor of the gathering, I think I'll go back and find out.

    Carl, a former brick layer, plays mandolin, bass, guitar and fiddle and invited me to hear the informal group that gathers Sunday evenings.

    It was a pleasant hour or so.