Friday, August 2, 2013

gratitude for dishonesty

Before anyone jumps my bones in a righteous dudgeon, I would like to emphasize that I am just noodling here:

Since honesty is impossible in spiritual endeavor, an acknowledgment and some gratitude are probably owed to dishonesty.

As a sculptor might chisel away that which was not needed in his beautiful creation, so the dishonesties of spiritual endeavor are whittled away until the creation is revealed. Chip, chip, chip ... ritual, incense, long nights, profound talk, tears of joy or sorrow, costumes, jargon ... chip, chip, chip.

Without dishonesty, honesty cannot appear ... which is why spiritual endeavor is intrinsically dishonest.

Beautiful creation.

Beautiful leavings on the floor.

No need to underestimate or despair of dishonesty; no need to praise or overrate honesty.

Chip, chip, chip ....

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