Thursday, August 1, 2013

the stuff of dreams

My son emailed me and asked that I post a link to his idea for a web site that focuses on dreams:
I am conducting some research for a website idea and I'm trying to get some very different data for a survey. All I have on my Facebook is 16-30 year olds and I was wondering if you could post something on your blog with a link to my survey.
The long and the short of it, the website is about dreams. What they are, what they mean, and each user's personal experience with each individual night. They post the dream on the website, other users can comment/analyze and discuss with them. and then  people can rate the dreams.

I'm sure he would appreciate participants from an older demographic


  1. The thought of having my dreams rated is somewhat off-putting.

  2. Truth to tell, I don't entirely understand the exercise. Still, I don't understand an iPhone either.