Thursday, August 8, 2013

what the hell -- it's New York, right?

A four-foot shark was discovered on a New York subway under a row of seats.

                                               Nuff said.


  1. For decades people from all over the city can get to the Brooklyn shore and go fishing either off the piers in the early am or go out on fishing boats.

    Having had friends did both when I was a kid the real drama was on the subway.

    "Hey mom guess what, we caught a shark and are bringin' it home!" "You caught a what?"

    "I'm getting ready for work now. Are you boys gonna clean that thing?" "Er...Sure!"

    "How big is it?" "It's bigger than cousin Benny"

    "Yeah? and after you clean it and cut it up, where are you going to put it?" "I dunno. I don't think we can eat it....."

    "Did you really cautch it live?" "No... We found it." "It stinks, but we wanted to show it off."

    "Get rid of it!" "Alright..."

    "Bye, mom. See you in about an hour."

    "Bye, shark."

    "Careful miss, it really stinks in the there."

  2. I'm going with the escaped from the pet store and was on it's way to freedom but underestimated gang violence on the subway system. A tragic story of failed dreams.