Tuesday, September 17, 2013

... in the news

-- French opinion appears to be quite heated on both sides of an incident in which a French jeweler fatally shot a robber (in the back) and has been charged with manslaughter.

-- An arbitration panel has decided that a Florida couple deserves $3.1 million in compensation after an unsupervised broker put their money into a politician's real estate efforts that went belly-up.

-- In the UK, high-profile cosmologist Stephen Hawking, 71, has said he supports assisted suicide for people with terminal illnesses. He added provisos, but the suggestion, even if lacking in a wider courage, strikes me as humane and sensible and welcome.

-- The short-haired bumble bee, declared extinct in Britain in 2000, has been reintroduced (from Sweden) in the country and nested in Kent. Bees not only make the flowers grow; they also put food on our table.

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