Monday, September 16, 2013

news ... where's the rest of the story?

Making me wonder what the rest of the news story was ...

-- South Korean soldiers shot dead a man who was attempting to swim a river to North Korea.

-- In Seattle, an English professor was stabbed to death and his female partner was taken to the hospital in critical condition following a soccer game.

-- In Boston, a homeless man who found a backpack containing $2,400 in cash and $40,000 worth of traveler's checks turned the backpack over to police.

-- In Alaska, a Fairbanks man punched a grizzly bear that was apparently attempting to enter the tent where he and his girlfriend were sleeping.

-- "Police say Delaware is facing an epidemic of heroin use because it's cheap, easy to find and pure enough to snort, while the cost of prescription drugs has tripled due to close monitoring."

Perhaps news editors are being laid off as a cost-cutting measure.

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