Sunday, September 8, 2013

wait for me!

The littlest ones, the ones slower and younger and weaker, always bring up the rear.

"Wait for me!" they call out to older and more competent companions -- their brothers and sisters who seem so impossibly big and knowledgeable and assured.

"Wait for me!"

I too want to be happy and fleet and strong.

"Wait for me!"

I too want to be perfect and whole and relaxed.

"Wait for me!"

I can see you up ahead or hear you around some nearby corner or imagine the likely places you might be... places I too want to be.

"Wait for me!"

Have you no pity, no kindness? I am little and weak and slow. I am trying my best and yet always I am in the rear, trying to join your perfectly coherent band, to burn as bright or smell as sweet.

I never quite catch up, never quite make it, never quite attain, never quite ascend ... never become enfolded in some envisioned certainty ...

Until one day, quite by chance, I hear the voice behind me calling ...

"Wait for me!"

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