Sunday, September 29, 2013

should and shouldn't

Lately, in differing contexts, a couple of people have told me what I "should" do, how I "should" think and how I "should" act.

And I am not above doing the same to myself -- "should" be concerned with world events, "should" get out more, "shouldn't" eat so much chocolate ... "should" do any number of things.

But as regards to those who laid such imperatives at my feet, I found myself thinking, good-naturedly, "Go fuck yourself!" Whether offered directly or provided with that treacly sincerity that passes for humility or spirituality ... go away! ... I'm a little long in the tooth to lie down for someone else's imagined virtue.

And that made me wonder why, when I was mentally willing to put others in their place, I did not do the same for myself.

What might it be like in a realm without "should's?" Just a world in which what needed to be done got done ... or not.

Just for a minute or two ... no more should's.

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